The Texas chapter of The Angel Collectors Club of America. Founded in 1976, the national organization's 1,000-plus members collect angel representations of every type. This includes figurines, ornaments, dolls, angels on postcards, and paper angels. Beyond collecting, the members have a general interest in angelology. They share their angel knowledge in talks before church groups, at retirement homes and in other locations. And they display their angel collections, sometimes running to thousands of items, at libraries and hobby shows. Frequently, these collections become the subjects of feature articles in newspapers. The ACCA's chatty quarterly newsletter is titled "Halo Everybody!" Members correspond, there are area chapters meeting regularly to talk about places of interest to angel lovers and spots where angel articles can be purchased. A national convention is scheduled biennially.

Rochester, New York chapter of The Angel Collectors Club of America.

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International. This interfaith organization of ministers and laity seeks to explore the mounting interest in mystical experience and parapsychology "within and outside the church, wherever these experiences relate to effective prayer, spiritual healing and survival of consciousness." The hundreds of members of this group, which dates to the mid-1950s, have a 12,000-volume library on parapsychology, metaphysics and religion. SFFI conducts several regional summer retreats annually. It also publishes a monthly newsletter and the quarterly "Spiritual Frontiers Journal."

International Association for Near-Death Studies. This group is concerned with the overall near-death experience, including reported encounters with spiritual beings. IANDS brings together health care professionals, lay people, and of course, those who have had near-death experiences. Within this group, researchers as well as professionals who have encountered the NDE phenomenon can network with one another. IANDS publishes the quarterly "Journal of Near-Death Studies." Also published is the newsletter, "Revitalized Signs."

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